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who is starcrest studios?


South Starcrest Drive, the street in which we grew up on is where it all began. A place we have called home for nearly 3 decades. Family is our driving force, it is so important to us that we wanted to capture all the special feelings and memories in a single name. Starcrest Studios strives to create enjoyable and creative connections through intentional design, all while cultivating an atmosphere that feels as close as family.    

 meet  jess

founder & graphic designer

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, and it is where I still call home. I am a wife to a hard-working, carpenter husband, and a dog-mom to the spunkiest frenchie named, Apollo.

I am known to be a bit of an old soul, especially when it comes to my taste in music. You could find me sipping on a strong cup of coffee, entangled in a captivating autobiography, in the midst of an organizational binge, or blasting the best of a Tom Petty album.

Creativity is my middle name. Designing and exploring my creative mind are my true passions in life, it is what I find myself pondering over the majority of my day. Creating unique visuals and brands for our clients is such a thrilling opportunity and I am always excited at the sight of a new project.

get to know me

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

next on my travel bucket list: poland

go-to cocktail: mimosa

enneagram type: 2 - the helper

can't live without: coffee & planner


 meet  haley

copywriter & event designer

Northern Virginia is also where I call home, and I have stayed close to my roots. Family is a huge part of who we are and I truly believe wherever family is...that's home. I am a wife and a mommy to the two sweetest little girls; also a dog-mom to my good boy Murphy.

In my free time, you could find me with my family, listening to true crime podcasts, watching Survivor, DIY crafting, or rocking out to my favorite musicians...we are BIG Tom Petty people.

I have a strong work ethic with a driven go-getter personality that I bring to any task at hand. My creative mind and passion for writing and design give me the tools to positively impact the world and others around me. I look forward to working alongside our clients to bring unforgettable and unique experiences to the table.

get to know me

hogwarts house: slytherin

next on my travel bucket list: australia

go-to cocktail: bloody mary

enneagram type: 9 - the peacemaker

can't live without: pizza & candles


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